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Welcome to "RugMagic".


We would like to get you acquainted with our varied services.

of antique and modern oriental rugs and other floor coverings

expert repairs, dyeing for color change or restoration of original designs , size reduction, sewing, fringing, blocking, etc.

We offer appraisals of your floor coverings for insurance or replacement purposes.



We strive to provide quality service and floor coverings of all types

at affordable rates. We have a varied inventory of New and Semiantique rugs, and we can also help locate  the right rug for you in the market.

Free Advice


CONTACT US   212-689-6273

We can often remove or improve

  • many types of spills,

  • pet accidents,

  • water damage

  • and more

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We have satisfied clients for over 50 years (not including extensive work we do for the trade) and are presently located at

36 East 31 Street, on the Ninth floor.







We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience and extend to you our wishes for a healthy and prosperous year.

Edward Barsamian

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration & Sales-RUGMAGIC.COM
Oriental Rugs Cleaning & Restoration & Sales,Edward Barsamian Oriental rugs,RUGMAGIC.COM
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