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Repairs and Restoration


                               Our staff has many years of experience repairing and restoring

                               all kinds of floor coverings, from antique tapestries and fine

                               Persians, to modern Tibetans, flat weaves and even the occasional

                               animal pelt. No job is too large or too small. We receive repair

                               projects from trade and private clients all over United States.



We can take care of all your rug needs.


Whether it's the fringes, edges, holes or moth-damaged areas.......


we will find the best approach for your rug and the right solution for you.

What we Do
  • Expert repairs of tears, holes or worn out areas

  • Repair damages caused by moth and carpet beetles, re-piling

  • Repair edge fraying, fuzzing

  • Fringe stitching by hand,weaving or re-fringing

  • Overcasting of fringes or tucking fringes under rug

  • Prefabricated fringe installation

  • Restoration of color, rug sheering

  • Rug binding or rug edging, serging

  • Size reduction

  • Carpet stretching and repair of curled sides

  • Installation of sleeves on the back or hooks to make the hanging easier

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