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Rug Cleaning


We have many years of experience in cleaning all types and origins of Oriental rugs and floor coverings.

Among these:


Hand made Oriental rugs-Antique and modern, Silk rugs, Moroccan, Antique Aubussons and Savonneries, Wiltons and Custom Made area rugs, Sisals,Dhurries, Kilims,Hooked Rugs, Rag rugs, Machine Made and more.

After reviewing the rug for any apparent special conditions, we will submit our recommendations and ask for the customer's work authorization.

We check to see if there are areas on the area rug more soiled or if there are stains on the rug. If yes, we pre-treat the area. Please understand that some stains like some pet stains may only be improved and not entirely removed as they may have permanently changed the colors of the wool. Many stains will come out in the normal cleaning, but some will require additional work.

Stain Proofing

Extra-protection (Scotchgard Treatment)

A Scotchgard treatment will make your carpets or area rugs easier to clean. Your rugs will be more resistant to soiling and staining.


Maintaining your rugs will be easier and vacuuming will remove more dirt and dust after your rugs are extra-protected by stain-proofing treatment.



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As rugs age you will find that they begin to lose their shape. The cleaning process also often causes a rug to get out of shape.


We have the specialized knowledge and tools to restore the shape and "flatness" of your rug.


We are the "go to" provider of this service to the rug trade in New York.


Questions???        Call us:  212-689-6273

                            or Email:

Moth Proofing

Will help insure that any moths or beatles will not damage your rug.

It is suggested that you get your rug ‘moth proofed’ regularly. It can easily be incorporated in your cleaning regime.


Questions???        Call us:  212-689-6273

                            or Email:


A proper padding protects and extends the useful life of your floor covering.


We offer a range of products that secure and provide stability for your floor covering but also , cushions  and sound proofs.

Please call us for the suitable padding for your rug.  212-689-6273

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